The BEST way to change your sprinkler heads

Choose the size of SRT that fits the diameter of your sprinkler head!

Sprinkler Heads

Diameter from 1-¾” to 2-¼”

SRT - 1000

Sprinkler Heads

Diameter from 2-½” to 2-¾”

SRT - 2000

Sprinkler Heads

 1-¾” to 2-¼” and  2-½” to 2-¾”

Sprinkler Removal Tool, SRT


Sprinkler Removal Tool, SRT, takes the hassle out of changing broken sprinkler heads. Most individuals would call in a professional to do it for them, and accept as a fact that their yard and home were going to be disrupted as a result. The expense would be disproportionately high for the simplicity of the task, and would take more time to complete than one could imagine.

Plato said it best that,

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Certainly, the Sprinkler Removal Tool embodies that philosophy.

Sprinkler Removal The New Way with Sprinkler Removal Tool

Sprinkler Removal Tool, SRT, is the New Way to change a sprinkler heads.

Sprinkler head repair is now a snap. It is so easy, almost anyone can do it. Furthermore, It takes the average Joe a fraction of the time it would normally take a professional to repair a sprinkler head the old way. The SRT, or Sprinkler Removal Tool, makes the entire process easy, fast and convenient in every way.


First, the Sprinkler Removal Tool has two uniquely formed ends, which accommodate a range of sprinkler head sizes. This makes it easy to secure the appropriate end of the SRT over the sprinkler head and twist to remove the cap and body all at same time.


Next, the handle that comes with the SRT can be used as an alignment tool and a plug for the riser pipe to ensure that no dirt or debris falls into the riser pipe. (which is not likely to happen,) as the soil around the sprinkler remained intact, leaving a perfectly formed hole for the insertion of a new lawn sprinkler head. There is no concern for accidents resulting from a large gaping hole or dirt mound because there is none.


The next step is to use the SRT to replace the sprinkler head. The SRT is so handy, it even helps you align the sprinkler head to the proper watering position, with or without the water turned on.


Now that the sprinkler head has been replaced, there is no evidence that there was ever a repair; the ground is undisturbed and the no dead circles of grass to contend with. This entire process takes a matter of seconds – yes seconds. It doesn’t require kneeling, digging or even getting your hands dirty.


The Sprinkler Removal Tool can be used by almost anyone in mere moments. Best of all, your lawn will be just as pristine as it was before you started and you will be delighted with the results.

The Sprinkler Removal Tool, SRT, is a great tool.

 Pick which one or both that fit your sprinkler head.

SRT - 1000     diameter from 1-¾” to 2-¼”


Weight: less than 5 lbs. - Industrial Quality

Ships Free via Fed Ex within the Continental United States of America

SRT - 2000     diameter from 2-½” to 2-¾”


Weight: approximately 6 lbs. - Industrial Quality

Ships Free via Fed Ex within the Continental United States of America


I normally don't take time to do this, but this tool works really good. I can't believe how simple it is. I used it on 5 sprinkler heads and it took under an hour. What a clever invention. So glad I found it on the internet. Thanks!




S. Clark

Flint Mi.




Compliments on a great SRT! I used it the first day to change out 6 of 28 heads with no problems. So much fun, I am doing them one at a time. Thanks for your invention.

R Holmes, Grand Prairie, TX


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Sprinkler Removal The New Way with Sprinkler Removal Tool