SRT-1000   Sprinkler Removal Tool

There is a much better, neater and easier way to change out broken lawn sprinkler heads.

There is no other tool on the market that compares to the Sprinkler Removal Tool. The SRT 1000 is a unique, professional grade tool that was designed for simplicity and durability. The sole purpose of the Sprinkler Removal Tool is to effectively remove and replace sprinkler heads with professional results. Regardless of if you are a homeowner with little experience or a professional landscaper with years of experience, the Sprinkler Removal Tool has become the tool of choice in lawn sprinkler repair to obtain professional grade results. The average amount of time it takes to remove and replace a sprinkler head using the SRT is less than two minutes. There is no digging, no mess and no dead circles of grass left behind to contend with. The SRT weighs less than 5 lbs. and is simple to use. Whether you have to change just one or a large number of sprinkler heads, the Sprinkler Removal Tool makes short work out of the job with better than professional results. You simply place the appropriate end of the SRT over the top of the sprinkler head and apply firm downward pressure on the handle with each turn until the sprinkler head is unthreaded, then lift the SRT and the broken sprinkler will be intact.

Why you should use the Sprinkler Removal Tool.

To install a new sprinkler head, the process is just as simple. Place the new sprinkler in the perfectly formed hole, align the threads with the riser pipe then use the SRT to gently tighten. If there is a problem aligning the threads, use the handle of the Sprinkler Removal Tool as an alignment tool. Place the handle inside the riser pipe beneath the ground surface and slide the hollow body of the sprinkler head so the handle passes through the body for perfect thread alignment. Once the threads are meshed, remove the handle and insert the sprinkler cartridge into the body of the sprinkler and tighten using the Sprinkler Removal Tool, but be careful not to over tighten.

The benefits of using the Sprinkler Removal Tool.

The Sprinkler Removal Tool 1000 is designed to remove and replace sprinkler heads from 1 ¾” to 2 ¼” inches in diameter. However, because of the unique design of the SRT 1000, it is capable of removing the smallest of the sprinkler heads that you may have in your yard. The SRT is manufactured from durable aluminized pipe and is a professional grade landscaping tool. The Sprinkler Removal Tool has no welded components to break and will last a lifetime like most quality gardening tools in your tool shed. The Sprinkler Removal Tool is built to make the job of changing sprinkler heads more cost effective, regardless of if you would like to change out the sprinkler heads yourself or if you would rather call out a professional landscaper to change them out and have them use the Sprinkler Removal Tool. The simplicity of the SRT also allows you to remove sprinklers in the toughest to dig areas - areas containing roots, rocks, concrete, flower beds, and etc., because the tool only grips the perimeter of the sprinkler head, it leaves the soil profile around the sprinkler head undisturbed.


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